The Importance of Person-Centred Care

What is Person-Centred Care?

Person-Centred Care puts the person at the heart of their care. Person-Centred Care is caring for individuals beyond their medical condition and personalising services to their specific desires and requirements. To do this, Care Homes develop relationships with residents and get to know them as a person, and actively involve them in care-related decisions.

Person-Centred Care is one of the 13 fundamental standards of care that the Care Quality Commission (the independent regulator of health and social care in England) requires healthcare providers to meet;

“Providers must work in partnership with the person, make any reasonable adjustments and provide support to help them understand and make informed decisions about their care and treatment options, including the extent to which they may wish to manage these options themselves.” 

Principles of Peron-Centred Care

  1. Treat residents with dignity, respect and compassion
  2. Provide coordinated care, treatment and support
  3. Deliver personalised care, treatment and support
  4. Encourage residents to live an independent life

The importance of Person-Centred Care

Person-Centred Care is about identifying and helping meet client needs, whether physical, social or psychological. The overarching aim in person-centred care is to help the client maintain (or sometimes regain) a sense of well-being, and it is important that staff are aware of this key goal. This approach to care allows residents to maintain independence and identity; a change in health circumstances shouldn’t mean a loss of self. This type of care is designed to:

  • Improve the quality of the services available to residents
  • Support residents with long term conditions, such as Dementia
  • Help residents get the appropriate care they need, exactly when they need it
  • Assist residents in being more active in looking after themselves 
  • Promote independence and input into their care requirements

Care at Haling Park Care Home

Haling Park Care Home provides exemplary levels of Nursing, Residential, Dementia, and Respite Care. The overall wellbeing of our residents is top priority for all staff; when living with us, each resident is assigned a Primary Care Nurse, who will discuss and assess needs, as well as develop a Person-Centred Care Plan. All care is regularly monitored, reviewed and tailored entirely to each individual.  Our approach to care is more than simply meeting care needs, it’s about putting residents first and caring for the individual as a whole, giving them every opportunity to live the enriched and fulfilled life they deserve. This approach to care covers personal care, quality of care and medical support.

Person-Centred Care in Action at Haling Park

Person-Centred Care in a purpose-built, nursing home setting allows residents to receive tailored care coupled with living a rewarding lifestyle in a home-away-from-home environment. Our Qualified Nurses provide exemplary care every day, ensuring each resident is cared for comprehensively. Building close relationships with residents’ family members and loved ones enable us to curate an accurate picture of their life which in turn means we are able to ensure their ongoing happiness, comfort and wellbeing.

Every resident living with Dementia is given an entirely personalised experience when living at Haling Park. For example, residents are provided with individualised activities, entirely based on their hobbies and interests. Our staff discovered that one particular resident used to work as a DJ and so the home arranged for a microphone and karaoke machine to be put in his room. 

Another example of Person-Centred Care at Haling Park is when the staff learned that a resident loved playing dominoes and used to be part of a club. Upon discovering this, they located and placed a domino set in his room. 

We go above and beyond to facilitate the needs and wishes of all residents, and accommodate all interests to ensure residents are happy and can live their lives the way they want with minimal change.

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Haling Park Care Home provides exemplary levels of Residential, Nursing, Dementia and Respite Care. If you have any questions regarding our care services, please do not hesitate to contact us today and a member of our team will be delighted to assist you.

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