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Residential Care

Haling Park Care Home offers a comfortable and safe environment for individuals, who can enjoy the benefits of group living and independence. Our welcoming and experienced staff support individuals who find it difficult to manage and look after themselves at home and require assistance with everyday tasks. 

We aim to couple around-the-clock medical care with wellbeing support through a variety of methods such as our excellent services and facilities, allowing residents to live a full and happy life every day; our ethos is to provide the highest quality of life for all of our residents.

What is Residential Care?

Residential Care is designed to help those who require assistance with daily tasks such as bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, medication and mobility. Residential Care at Haling Park Care Home allows individuals to treat their home as their own and go about their daily lives as they usually would while taking advantage of the various services and amenities available on site. Our friendly staff are here to help residents live an independent life with as much or as little support as required.

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Our Approach Residential Care

Our approach to Residential Care goes beyond simply meeting care needs,  we aim to encompass the care of residents’ overall health, wellbeing, and interests so they are fully equipped to live a life filled with happiness and companionship. It is our mission to support our residents so they are able to live their lives as they choose, with as much or as little help as they need. Free from the stress of managing a household, our residents enjoy the benefits of group living with like-minded individuals. With a varied activities and entertainment programme and an abundance of first-class facilities, every day can be enjoyed to the full.

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When is Residential Care Necessary?

Residential Care becomes necessary when an individual finds it difficult to live alone and keep up with daily tasks and self-care. Residential Care is also an option when living alone is severely affecting emotional or physical health. This form of care is ideal for individuals who need additional help on a daily basis to be able to continue doing the things they enjoy but are otherwise independent. We believe in supporting more than just the medical care needs of our residents, we want to enhance general well-being, encouraging both active body and mind. Our ethos is to provide the highest quality of life for each and every one of our residents and through our first-class luxury home and exemplary amenities and facilities, residents can achieve a rich lifestyle when living with us at Haling Park Care Home.

Putting Residents First

Haling Park is built on the ethos that each individual should be given every opportunity to live an enriched and independent life in a supportive, caring environment. Our residential and nursing support team are here to help residents live an independent life with as much or as little support as they wish. For our residents who live with age-related physical, mental and emotional difficulties, our care services and professional teams have been put together to alleviate any and all stress that everyday routines can potentially cause; alleviating these day-to-day challenges allows residents to thrive throughout their stay with us. Our approach is more than meeting care needs, it’s about putting residents first and caring for the individual as a whole, allowing them to live the enriched and varied life they deserve.

Our Healthcare Services:

We aim to make life as comfortable as we possibly can for our residents. We believe this is achieved by combining first-class care with a variety of services, all designed to enhance our residents’ wellbeing and sense of routine. Our healthcare services include:

GP Visits

Residents are able to arrange appointments with their GP and attend the surgery with the assistance of a staff member. This cost is included in the weekly care home fee.

Optical Care

Our residents have access to an optician who will examine and treat any vision-related issues. This treatment comes at an additional cost.

Oral Care

Residents will receive regular dental care and ad-hoc treatment with a dentist. There will be an extra cost for treatment carried out.


Physiotherapy treatments are available to those who are suffering from joint or muscular pain. This service is not included within the overall fee.


Access to a Chiropodist is available to all residents, and appointments can be scheduled to assess and treat residents with foot-related concerns.

Living Room

First-Class Facilities

Here at Haling Park Care Home, we encourage all of our residents to do what makes them happy and take part in as many hobbies and activities as possible. Whether residents wish to be stimulated and motivated by an activity they have always enjoyed, or are looking to discover something new, we thrive in seeing residents enjoy engaging and exciting activities. There are several spacious lounges and dining rooms available around the home offering opportunities to socialise with the other residents and a range of activities to ensure that each day holds something new and interesting. With a varied activities and entertainment programme, in addition to regular outings and events, residents are able to enjoy first class facilities and live a rich life every day.

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