One of Our Bedrooms

Nursing Care

Haling Park Care Home provides exemplary Nursing Care in a luxurious, fully equipped setting. We strive to ensure residents thrive in our enviornment, allowing them to live a happy and comfortable life. Our staff are proud to deliver the highest level of care and respect to each individual.

Nursing Care is available to residents 24 hours a day to those with more complex needs, such as a physical disability, a long-term illness, or end-of-life care. Each resident is allocated a nurse who will become a familiar face and is available to provide support to both the residents and their relatives.

Putting Residents First

Haling Park is built on the ethos that each individual should be given every opportunity to live an enriched and independent life in a supportive, caring environment. Our residential and nursing support team is here to help residents live an independent life with as much or as little support as they wish. For our residents who live with age-related physical, mental and emotional difficulties, our care services and professional teams have been put together to alleviate any and all stress that everyday routines can potentially cause; alleviating these day-to-day challenges allows residents to thrive throughout their stay with us. Our approach is more than meeting care needs, it’s about putting residents first and caring for the individual as a whole, allowing them to live the enriched and varied life they deserve.