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Nursing Care

Haling Park is a nursing home in South London that provides exemplary Nursing Care in a luxurious, fully equipped setting. We strive to ensure residents thrive in our environment, allowing them to live a happy and comfortable life. Our staff are proud to deliver the highest level of care and respect to each individual.

Nursing Care is available to residents 24 hours a day to those with more complex needs, such as a physical disability, a long-term illness, or end-of-life care. Each resident is allocated a nurse who will become a familiar face and is available to provide support to both the residents and their relatives.

What is Nursing Care?

Nursing Care is designed for individuals who require both medical and personal care 24 hours a day. Our qualified nurses are on hand to support and assist residents with medication, mobility and long-term illnesses or conditions. Our purpose-built home is the ideal environment where residents can receive expert and loving care and make the most of a variety of facilities and amenities available to residents of all abilities, allowing them to live an enjoyable life.

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Our Approach to Nursing Care

At our nursing home in Croydon, our passionate and highly-skilled team members are fully trained to provide the highest standard of care to those with physical disabilities, high dependency needs, and to those who need end-of-life care. Each resident is allocated a primary care nurse whose job it is to both care for and become a familiar face to residents and their loved ones. We aim to provide a comprehensive plan that is entirely tailored to each individual, allowing them to receive top-level care and opportunities that are the most appropriate for them. 

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What You’ll Find at Haling Park

Haling Park takes great pride in its thoughtful design, tailored to provide residents with a nurturing environment where they can find comfort, contentment, and a genuine feeling of home. Our unwavering commitment lies in empowering residents to live life their way, and we go to great efforts to support them in doing so.

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Nursing Care FAQs

Nursing care services in care homes can vary to meet specific needs. At Haling Park Care Home, we offer services such as administering medication, wound care, assistance with day-to-day activities, and specialised care for conditions such as Motor Neurone Disease and Prader-Willi Syndrome. Our nursing team works in collaboration with other healthcare providers to ensure residents receive the precise care they require.

Assessing the need for nursing care in a family member may involve observing signs such as falls, hospital admissions, changes in appetite, difficulties with daily activities, increased confusion, worsening chronic health conditions, medication management challenges, and the need for specialised care. The nursing team at Haling Park can evaluate the necessary level of care and provide guidance on the most suitable care for your family member, involving them in the decision-making process.

At Haling Park Care Home, the safety of our residents receiving nursing care is paramount. We maintain appropriate staffing levels with highly trained and qualified nursing staff. Our facility adheres to strict protocols for infection control and medication management, conducting regular safety audits and assessments. We have put in place security measures to prevent unauthorised access and ensure the safety and wellbeing of our residents.

Care With Our Residents at the Core

At our local care home in South Croydon, London, our ethos is more than meeting care needs, it’s about putting residents first and caring for the individual as a whole, allowing them to live the enriched and varied life they deserve.

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