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Arts & Crafts

Partaking in group activities is the perfect way to socialise and learn new skills. Our Activities Coordinator is dedicated to presenting residents with fresh and exciting activities, including regular Arts & Crafts sessions. From painting and drawing through to flower arranging there is an array of craft options for residents to enjoy.

Being creative has a plethora of fantastic mental and physical benefits for our residents; combined with the social aspect attending group sessions offers, residents are certain to have fun and receive multiple benefits from attending our Arts & Crafts sessions.

Improved Quality of Life

We believe that art therapy, in its various forms, improves the quality of life for the elderly; our dedicated Activity Coordinator strives to produce an engaging and varied programme where all residents can feel motivated and are given the opportunity to flourish. Sharing activities can also be beneficial in building relationships between residents, staff, friends, family and the wider community. Arts & Crafts Sessions go way beyond simply colouring a picture, it presents a whole host of benefits and our staff have witnessed the psychological benefits Arts & Crafts can have.

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Residents and Team at Care Home Opening

Activities for Everyone

It is extremely important to us that every activity available here at Haling Park Care Home can be enjoyed by all of our residents, including those living with low-level Dementia and those with physical limitations. We encourage residents to try new activities in a safe, controlled and regulated way, which will fill them with the confidence they need to continue living fulfilled and happy lives. All sessions are carefully designed specifically for our residents, with the goal of ensuring there is an activity for everyone.

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What You’ll Find At Haling Park

Our care home has been thoughtfully designed to provide residents with everything they need to feel comfortable, fulfilled and at home with us at Haling Park. It is important to us that residents are able to continue living their lives how they wish, and we go above and beyond to support them in doing so.

Craft Materials

Social Space

Inclusive For All

Support From Staff

Arts & Crafts FAQs

Each Arts & Crafts class takes on a different topic, from making paper tissue poppies to display on Remembrance Sunday, through making seasonal collages to celebrate Easter, our Activities Coordinator ensures each session is different and can be enjoyed by all. Our residents have access to a variety of creative activities and any equipment needed for each session.

Residents own their creations. They are free to display their creation in their room or give it as a present to a loved one. Residents are also given the opportunity to display their work around the home for all residents, visitors and staff to admire.

The care home fee that you pay includes all of the activities residents participate in. Art supplies are also included within the care home fee.

Care With Our Residents at the Core

At our local care home in South Croydon, London, our ethos is more than meeting care needs, it’s about putting residents first and caring for the individual as a whole, allowing them to live the enriched and varied life they deserve.

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